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Does your work bring you into contact with using addicts?
Would you like to know more about NA, in order to tell them about us?
If so, the East Coast Local Service Committee is eager to hear from you!
We have been set up to increase awareness of the existence of NA, how it works and who it’s for, both amongst the public in general, and professionals in particular.


Some facts about NA:

NA was founded in 1953 in the USA and is one of the oldest organisations of its type in the world.

  • The first UK NA meeting was held in Chelsea in 1980. Narcotics Anonymous published its first full-length book, the ‘Basic Text’, in 1982 and since then the fellowship Worldwide has grown dramatically.

  • There are over 1000 weekly meetings within the community in the UK.  Our Hospitals and Institutions committees also run several hundred meetings and this number is growing rapidly. We have over 140 meetings in treatment or detox units; more than 20 in hospitals, along with meetings in 13 young offender institutions & secure units and dozens of prisons.

  • NA exists in approximately 144 countries with over 76,075 weekly meetings taking place. Our literature is now translated into over 56 different languages.

  • The fellowship in East Coast Scotland was founded over 26 years ago. It started off with 1 meeting a week & has grown to 21 meetings a week, a mixture of physical & online meetings. 

  • This Area has meetings in Wick, Inverness, Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen. There are many more meetings across the country and the world.

You can read & download the leaflets below for your own information and/or to pass on to your clients.
We can arrange a panel presentation, tailored to the requirements of your organisation, to explain how NA works and to answer your questions. (One month’s notice required).


For  local enquiries, please e-mail:

For national enquiries , please email UKPI:
Or write to:
UK Public Information Committee, 202 City Road, London EC1V 2PH

Our Literature For Professionals

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